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What we do?

We build you a strong solid credit foundation that will allow you to take your credit to the next level by securing the foundation needed for growth.


We evaluate your credit and then determine the necessary steps to get you credit worthy.

Step 1. Remove all negative and derogatory marks.(Late payments, Collections, Bankruptcies, Repos, Child Support etc.)

Step 2. Restore your credit by adding positive accounts in good standing.(Primaries, Authorized Users and Installment Loans)

Step 3. Get you approved for over $50k in different types of credit.(Cash Loans, Credit Cards, Vendors Crédit Car Loan Personal Loans etc.)

Step 4. We teach you how to properly manage and leverage your credit in order to get consistent credit limit increases to build your spending power.( The higher your limits the more you can spend without it affecting your scores by keeping your utilization down.)

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