AU (Authorized User) Tradelines

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Authorized User Lines come from people leasing their good credit to people for 30 – 60 days.


They call their credit card company and add you to the account. You DO NOT have access to the account but within 2-4 weeks of the client’s statement date – the history of the card holder’s payments will appear on your credit profile. It stays on long enough for you to gain access to the credit you are seeking.

How much will my score go up?

There is no set quantifiable number of points that your score will go up by getting your credit repaired or adding tradelines.  Your credit score is dependent on many factors. The bulk of what makes up your score is payment history, utilization, and derogatory marks.  You can offset utilization by paying down your credit card debt to at least 10% for maximum score. Your payment history should be at 100% at all times. This means no missed payments.

If you are not able to reach 100% due to missed payments, you can also open more accounts to generate more payments to your file or add a tradeline to add more payments to your file. This ultimately changes the ratio of missed payments to on time payments. This will eventually put you at 99% which is still good.  Derogatory marks on your credit definitely affect your score and will often be the main reason why lenders don’t extend credit to you. The higher your score is the more points you are losing due to a derogatory mark.

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